Vision and Ethos

Tierkloof was created expressly to provide guests with an unfiltered yet luxurious and exclusive experience of this astoundingly beautiful region. Naturally, the preservation of the surrounding wilderness in its pristine state was and remains a central theme to all our operations, as is sustainability and eco-sensitivity in all its relevant manifestations. To this end Tierkloof was designed to offer a full off-the-grid experience.

Alongside aesthetically and luxurious yet fully environmentally sustainable accommodation, we aim to provide a commensurate quality of hospitality and service. To this end, guests can expect the highest standards of personal service from their hosts and staff at all times - but of course, we aim to do our job so well that guests do not require anything other than to be left alone to enjoy their stay!

Our ethos is rooted in respect for both our environment and our guests. We are unashamedly passionate about this region and desire only that our guests leave feeling the same way. And, just as our love and respect for the environment demands that we tend and nurture it in an organic and non-invasive manner, so it is with our guests. In this sense we strongly believe in allowing and enabling guests to enjoy their surrounds on their own terms and without outside interruption.

Finally, we aim to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and to this end, incentivise our cleaning staff based on guest reviews of their accommodation.